From autographed game-used gear to limited-edition pieces, these are the items that are turning heads and making waves. If you want to stay in the know and get your hands on what's making noise, this is where it's at.

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Fresh off the press and straight into your collection. These are the latest and greatest, hot off the production line. It's like being courtside for the unveiling of the next big thing. From signed jerseys to unique memorabilia, these arrivals are setting the bar high.

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Classics never fade, and neither does the greatness captured in this lineup. From the golden days of sports, we're talking about iconic jerseys, historic memorabilia – the real game-changers. It's like a time machine for your collection, bringing the legends of the past right into your hands.

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Whether you're selling a single prized item or an entire collection, we do more for collectors than  auction houses. Our expert evaluation services guarantee you get the real value for your treasured items.Located South Florida, we're dedicated to serving our community like no one else. Reach out to us now, we're committed to making your experience remarkable!

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  • Mike R.

    I've been a collector for years, and Show and Tell Sports has consistently exceeded my expectations. The variety and uniqueness of their sports memorabilia are unparalleled. Whether buying or selling, the team's professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction make every transaction a breeze. Show and Tell Sports is the real deal for collectors!

  • Joe G.

    Jordan at Show and Tell Sports is a game-changer! His friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge make every interaction a pleasure. I've expanded and diversified my collection with Jordan's help, and his enthusiasm for sports memorabilia is contagious. If you're a collector, Jordan is your go-to guy!"

  • Peter H.

    Alright, Show and Tell Sports is the spot for serious collectors. No fluff, just a badass collection of sports memorabilia. These guys hustle hard to get what you want. Selling? They'll get you top dollar. Aaron's my dude – he knows his stuff and always delivers.

  • David A.

    Zach at Show and Tell Sports is a wizard in the world of sports memorabilia! His ability to source rare items and depth of knowledge have transformed my collection. Zach's passion for the hobby is evident in every interaction, making Show and Tell Sports my go-to destination for unique and valuable pieces.

  • Brandon G.

    Show and Tell Sports is my kinda place for sports memorabilia. No pretense, just a crew of dudes who love the game. Eric's my go-to guy – his knowledge is on point. Whether I'm buying or selling, these guys make it easy.

  • Johan A.

    Collecting is about passion, but it's also about trust. Show and Tell Sports nailed both for me. Their commitment to authenticity is like a rock-solid defense, and the payment process? Easier than scoring an open goal. When it comes to my collection, Show and Tell Sports is where I feel secure and respected.

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