Enter C.J. Stroud, The Rookie Quarterback Rewriting The Playoff Narrative.

Enter C.J. Stroud, The Rookie Quarterback Rewriting The Playoff Narrative.

You witnessed it, sports fans! C.J. Stroud, the rookie sensation, just added another chapter to his incredible season. The Houston Texans laid down the law, trouncing the Cleveland Browns 45-14 in the wild card round, and Stroud was the maestro orchestrating the whole symphony.

Picture this: Stroud dissecting a Browns secondary that boasted the NFL's top pass defense. I mean, come on, the guy's like a surgeon with a football! He racked up 274 yards and three touchdowns, not to mention a big fat zero in the turnovers department. Oh, did I mention 236 of those yards were served in the first half? That's just next-level dominance.

But wait, there's more. Stroud wasn't playing favorites; he was spreading the love, completing passes to seven different receivers. Nico Collins, the chosen one, hauled in six of seven targets, tallying 96 yards and a sweet touchdown. That's chemistry, folks!

Sure, they stumbled a bit, falling into a 14-10 hole in the second quarter. No big deal for Stroud. He rallied the troops, and just like that, Houston notched 14 consecutive points before halftime, opening up a double-digit lead. And let's talk defense – the Texans shut down the Browns in the second half, turning interceptions into touchdowns. Game-changer!

Now, cue the MVP chants. In front of a wild Houston crowd, Stroud became the youngest starting quarterback to clinch a playoff win in NFL history. Yeah, you heard it right. History! Fans weren't just impressed; they were downright amazed by the kid's stellar performance. Rookie of the Year vibes, anyone? Stay tuned, because Stroud's just getting started, and it's appointment viewing, my friends!

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