Yankees Pitching - Cortes and Rodón Lead the Charge

Yankees Pitching - Cortes and Rodón Lead the Charge

I've got some breaking news from the Yankees' training complex in Tampa that will send shivers down your spine! Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodón, two of the most resilient pitchers in the game, are gearing up for a comeback that's bound to rock the baseball world.

Picture this: Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodón, the dynamic duo, have set the Yankees' training complex ablaze with their early arrival. These guys are hungry to erase the memories of their injury-marred 2023 campaigns and prove to the world that they're back and better than ever.

According to the Yankees' GM, Brian Cashman, the internal reports on Cortes and Rodón are more positive than a winning streak. They've been burning up the field, throwing pitches under the watchful eyes of the staff, well ahead of the official report date for Bombers pitchers and catchers on Feb. 14.

But hold on, folks, that's not all! The training complex is buzzing with other big names, including Aaron Judge, Oswaldo Cabrera, Jasson Domínguez, DJ LeMahieu, Jonathan Loáisiga, Gleyber Torres, Anthony Volpe, and Austin Wells. It's a star-studded lineup getting ready to unleash havoc on the upcoming season.

Now, let's talk rotation. With the addition of free-agent sensation Marcus Stroman, the Yankees' rotation is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with. Cashman is optimistic, saying, "I think we have a good rotation if everything goes right," but we all know in baseball, nothing is ever guaranteed.

Nestor Cortes, an AL All-Star in 2022, had a tough time recovering from a hamstring injury last year, finishing with a 5-2 record and a 4.97 ERA. Cashman, however, is confident, saying, "We know what Nestor is capable of when he’s healthy."

And let's not forget about Carlos Rodón, the man with the $162 million contract. Despite a rocky start with multiple injuries delaying his debut until July, Rodón is determined to silence the doubters. Cashman's optimism is contagious, stating, "I’m very optimistic that Rodón can return to form and be the pitcher we know he’s capable of being."

In a recent podcast, Yankees manager Aaron Boone expressed his belief in Rodón's comeback, emphasizing the importance of staying healthy. Boone's mantra for Rodón is clear – focus on going the distance, both physically and in terms of innings pitched.

But wait, there's more! Cashman hinted that the Yankees might not be done making moves. While the asking prices for other free-agent pitchers like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery were too steep, Cashman wouldn't rule out the possibility of adding another starter before Opening Day. The Yankees are keeping their options open, ready to tinker and fine-tune their roster for the long and grueling 162-game season.

So buckle up, baseball fans, because the Yankees' pitching staff is gearing up for a spectacular comeback, and it's going to be a season to remember! Stay tuned for the fireworks on the mound as Cortes and Rodón lead the charge for the Bombers.
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